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🚿Saving water in the shower🚿

The biggest savings on water usage within domestic dwellings are usually made in the shower. the goal is to be in and out as quick as possible. Traditionally showers can use between 16 and 24 litres per minute. A half hour shower could be using as much as 1/2 a cubic meter in some circumstances and If you take into consideration numerous showers per day amongst all the family, this soon begins to add up.

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Less time in the shower directly combats this, however in most cases, the bill payer is usually the quickest in and out of the shower whilst others don’t usually seem to follow suit. A good way to cap the volume of water used in the shower would be by restricting the flow. Flow restrictors are a good way to reduce waste from shower outlets, keeping the pressure the same and lowering the total litres per minute.

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